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Dr. Bernard Lown: A Documentary from Lown Foundation on Vimeo.

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westcoast shows

i’m on the train bound for the west coast of the usa… i’m going out cause my sister molly is organizing: “art of community” (look), a gathering of communes & LTS helped with the registration so i’m going & i’m real curious & it’s right outside of where victoria has gone to work for 3 months in the bay area. we talked about playing shows out there while i’m there… dunno if it can happen, depends on many things working out… like drums, having a show, amp… hopefully we win. how hard can it be, if you build it they will come, ease it halen




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Sometimes people ask me, so Victoria, how is life in California, anyway? To this I usually respond something along the lines of, the weather is temperate, the people are friendly, the food is delicious, and even though I totaled my car, I’m having a pretty great time so far!
It’s not that I’m cinvinced that any stranger off the street would most definitely bend over backwards to help me in my darkest hour, but there is an openness here that is lacking at home. Exhibit A) In Berkeley, it is not uncommon to have a conversation with the grocery store clerk. Why, just yesterday, I was at Trader Joe’s, stocking up on breakfast foods:

Clerk: Trader Joe’s granola, huh? I’ve never tried it; I just always go for Nature’s Path! And then I make parfaits and it’s
all gone!
Me: Well, we have Nature’s Path cereal in Canada, so I decided to try something new!
Clerk: Word. You know what Canada has that we don’t have? 4% milk! I want some of that! Do you ever drink 4% milk in Canada?
Me: No.
Clerk: Hmm… Well, what else does Canada have that we don’t have?
Me: Um…Free health care?
Clerk: Oh snap.
And now, I can’t help but wonder: is 4% milk really a thing in Canada? Or is it just something parfait-fiends dream about?
p.s. the video above is my house-mate, Lauren. She wants to “meat” you.
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